Remembering to be thankful at Thanksgiving

“I sure am learning a lot,” a dear friend told me when I opened her door to bring over dinner.

She was sitting in a narrow wheelchair, with her right leg elevated and some major pins and hardware sticking out of it. She had been through two surgeries in the last 10 days after a fluke fall that ended up shattering her leg below the knee.

She had on a blue bathrobe. She smiled when I bent over to hug her. She said, “I am so glad to see you. ”

“I am so glad to see YOU,” I said back.

I looked around. Two cousins had pulled up the carpeting in her living and dining rooms and pushed all the furniture to the sides and even arranged for the removal of some. Charlie, a neighbor, was up past midnight devising small ramps so she could get into her kitchen and bathroom.

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