The Awesomettes use sparkle, social connection to ease aging

“I turn 77 next week, and I’ll be wearing go-go boots and a tiara,” said Sabra Taylor, who was wearing an elegant, diamond-rimmed, blue evening gown.

A curtain rod slid out of Barbara Wishy’s fairy wing and clanged onto Lee Ann Walsh’s brick patio. Wishy, 84, said, “It’s never too late to start.”

I was sitting with Oakwood neighbors aged 54-84 who make up a majorette group called the “Awesomettes.” Jackie Twisdale, the founder, started something when, on a whim one Fourth of July five years ago, she pulled out her childhood baton and brought up the rear of the Oakwood neighborhood Fourth of July parade. She cha-cha-chaed down Bloodworth Street while doing a twirl called “around-the-world.”

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