Are you one of the 65 million people in the U.S. who provide an average of 20 hours of care per week for an aged love one? Are you one of the six in ten who also work outside the home or the one in three who also have children or grandchildren under 18 living with them?

Are you overwhelmed by day-to-day needs and unable to find the time or wherewithal to research local resources? You might find the services of an elder consultant helpful. You might also find useful information in the series I write for WRAL about navigating aging.

My name is Liisa Ogburn (yes, that spelling is correct. I'm half Finnish) and my firm, Aging Advisors NC, focuses on helping individuals and their families plan for or respond to the needs that arise during the last years of life. 

Whether it's setting up services that will allow you to live independently at home, finding the right place to move to, or being an advocate all along the way, I am here to help. Call or email me for a free consult: 1-919-827-7700