Helping you care for the seniors you love

Liisa Ogburn

Only 25 percent of people older than 65 believe they will need any help in their later years, yet 70 percent do. According to Physician-Author Atul Gawande, the average senior needs some amount of help for the last eight years of life.

This need often falls to family. 65 million people in the United States provide an average of 20 hours of care per week for an aging loved one.

If there has been a sudden crisis - a broken hip or stroke are among the most common - the need can be much greater. It can seem untenable, especially for those who are working and/or are caring for children.

Maybe you need an elder consultant?

Whether it’s setting up services and support to stay safely at home or identifying the best independent, assisted, memory, continuing care or skilled nursing community when home is no longer an option, I am here to help.

My name is Liisa Ogburn (yes, that spelling is correct. I'm half Finnish) and my firm, Aging Advisors NC, focuses on helping individuals and their families plan for or respond to the needs that arise during the last years of life. I am here to help. Call or text me for a free 15-minute consult: 1-919-827-7700

Elder Issues

As a twice-a-week columnist for WRAL on elder issues called Aging Well, I understand the resources available, as well as key points to consider before selecting the right community for your parent. I can help you by clearly explaining options and concepts such as longterm care coverage, Medicare, Medicaid, home help, adult day care, free senior resources, hospice, common senior scams, assistive technology, etc. I’m familiar with the many companies working in this space and how to discern the most ethical ones. We can speak by phone or I can come to your home. I am independent. I take no referral fees. I can provide references.

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