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Aging Advisor NC’s owner and elder consultant, Liisa Ogburn, has written over 500 columns on the topic of aging for numerous media outlets including the New York Times, WRAL Raleigh’s Aging Well Series, The Huffington Post, Academic Medicine, Psychology Today, and many other places.

Below are some of the articles written to help educate and guide individuals on how to live well as they age.

  • How to get a handicap parking permit

    With aging can come various maladies that make walking far distances challenging or painful. Here is how to apply for a handicapped parking permit. To read the entire blogpost, visit:

  • The importance of the Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) form

    The DNR, short for "Do Not Resuscitate," is a one-page form completed with one's physician and typically on a golden rod colored sheet of paper is critical for the frail elderly and those on hospice. To read the entire blogpost, visit:

  • Divorced and over 62? You may be eligible for divorced spousal Social Security Benefit

    Did you know that if you are over 62, divorced, were married for more than ten years, and not currently married to someone else, you may be eligible to receive up to half the amount your ex-spouse receives in Social Security? To read the entire post, visit:

  • Don’t just do something, stand there

    When circumstances seem impossible and demand action, sometimes the wisest action one can take is to not take action, but instead stand there. To read the entire post, visit:

  • The beauty of marriage at midlife or late in life

    I love a wedding between young, first-time initiates. (I do.) But I have to say, I've come to especially appreciate the love stories that bloom in spite of the more challenging and complicated soil they are rooted in. Or maybe they bloom because through hardship, they have come to understand that there is nothing more important than this. To read the entire post, visit:

  • The closing of a chapter

    We were here to walk through my grandparent's home one last time before it was demolished. The house had not been lived in for 20 years. How could we not feel sad? To read the entire post, visit:

  • When is the right moment to move mom or dad to residential memory care?

    I have not met a family who does not torture themselves over making this decision. There is no definitive answer. The decision to do so is made often when the alternative is no longer viable or safe. To read the entire article, visit:

  • A new day, a fresh start

    It is easy (and human) to consider "going Thelma and Louise" and leaving a situation that feels beyond us. What tools can we use to help us respond differently?  To read the entire post, visit:

  • Sundowning and strategies to cope

    People with dementia often seem to have more challenging behaviors in the evening. While we do not know what exactly causes this, there are strategies that can help.  To read the entire post, visit:

  • Caregiving: Taking a wider view

    When we are mired in caregiving, the situation can feel like we are drowning and there is no room to notice things that previously made us feel expansive and alive. What can happen, if instead, you try to notice those things again?  To read the entire post, visit: